Historia de la Cerveza Tulum

History of Tulum Beer


Tulum beer born from sea water

The story behind the Tulum Beer is a journey that will surprise you, as it begins in the depths of the sea.

Its incredible magic ingredient, (that is, the seawater of Tulum) is the dream from which this project arises, which began in 2018.

The idea was to produce a beer that represented the most beautiful thing in Tulum, and that at the same time respected its beautiful natural resources, taking into account that when these drinks are made at an industrial level, up to 7 liters of water are used per liter produced!!

This means a massive depletion of our water sources, in addition to the emission of greenhouse gases.

It is then that we decided to create a craft beer, in whose production the Mayan sources of water would not be touched.

This would be extracted directly from the sea, and also the energy of the wind and the sun would be used in all phases of the production process.

The result was a light craft beer of the highest quality, in whose production wind turbines and solar panels are used, maintaining the commitment of respect for the environment.

Tulum beer today

The light and delicious flavor of Tulum Beer, as well as its secret ingredient, sea water, had such acceptance in the most famous destinations of the Mexican Caribbean, that its expansion beyond the borders was possible.

This is how Cerveza Tulum arrives in the United States in 2020, making its debut in the Mexican pavilion of the EPCOT center, and within the Disney Food & Wine Festival celebrations.

As you can imagine, from then on the sales of Tulum Beer increased up to 326% in its first two years, confirming the great potential of this drink born in the Mexican Caribbean.

Now Tulum Beer is in the process of reaching new countries, especially the eastern United States and the European Community.

You do not need to travel to Tulum to enjoy its delicious flavor, you can purchase it through its official website, or on Amazon in 6 pack or 24 pack presentations.

It is ideal to accompany any type of dish, and to share with your family and friends.

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