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Frequently Asked Questions Cerveza Tulum


Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, if you have any questions, take a look you may find the answer you are looking for.

However, if you cannot find it, it is important for us that you contact us.

 As we have said before, we are here to help you.


¿In which stores can you buy Tulum Beer in Cancun?

  • Go mart
  • 7 Eleven
  • Chedraui Select

You can also ask us at home by:

  • Cornershop
  • Rappi


¿How can I buy your product and have it delivered to my house?

  If you are in the interior of the Mexican Republic you can buy our orders through:

Our website Cerveza Tulum


Free market


 ¿I placed an order and it still hasn't arrived?

 We invite you to contact us at
Write to us and we will gladly answer any questions about your order.


¿Where is the beer made??

Tulum beer is made in the town of Tulum.


¿How is it made with seawater

 Tulum beer, accompanied by its ecological philosophy, is made with sea water, desalinated by reverse osmosis, which passes through organic filters, passing pure water, without chemicals or additives, preserving all its nutrients, minerals, and a very healthy pH.

 Water is the most abundant and important element in beer. It is essential to use the best quality water to achieve a delicious beer.

 The most sustainable way to drink water on the planet.


¿How Cerveza Tulum helps to conserve the environment?

  By buying Cerveza Tulum you contribute to the cleaning of the oceans and the care of the reef since a percentage of your purchase is donated to the Gran Arrecife Maya Foundation that promotes the correct use of plastic-free alternatives and fosters the care of our ecosystem, carries out beach cleaning and events that benefit our environment.

For more information visit:


¿How they claim to be a sustainable brand

For Tulum beer Sustainability implies having a positive impact on all those around us through our operations, we promote the care of the environment through the efficient use of resources: energy, water, inputs and waste .

In other words, we are concerned that each of our processes from the manufacture of our Craft Lager Beer and other products, to its packaging and delivery to the final consumer, generate the least impact on our planet.


¿How they promote Responsible consumption?

We promote a balanced lifestyle integrating the pleasure of a delicious quality Craft Beer and a healthy coexistence in combination with caring for the environment.


¿How they handle the waste generated in the manufacture of Beer?

 Cerveza Tulum committed to the environment works daily applying excellence management in all our processes, emphasizing the efficient use of resources and technologies that give us competitive advantages and generate growth with sustainability in this way we respect the environment and make use of rational and responsible way natural resources.

We know the importance of proper waste management to avoid health problems, pollution and damage to the environment, so we seek to minimize the generation of waste in all our processes, as well as make our customers aware that our presentation of a lid that is maintained attached to the bottle can generate a change and include them in this, so that every little action in favor of the environment counts.e.