¿Cómo se produce la Cerveza Tulum?

How is Tulum Beer produced?

Live the incredible process of making Tulum Beer, made with sea water

In addition to its delicious flavor and great quality, Tulum Beer has a creation process that you will love.

Fresh and light, it lives up to its name, since in addition to transporting you to the spectacular beaches of Tulum, it immerses you in its waves, literally, because it is made with sea water.

¡Yes, this is how you read it! The magical ingredient in Tulum Beer is the sea water of the Mexican Caribbean.

This means that it does not have any added chemicals, and that it retains the original nutrients.

For this to happen, the production process is quite an experience, so we invite you to make this incredible journey from its beginning, until it reaches your table.

The surprising production of Tulum Beer

  • We can say that the production of Tulum Beer begins in the Mexican Caribbean, 80 meters deep from where the sea water is extracted, and then the salt is removed.
  • In a mill, the barley is introduced by hand, and the process begins to break the grains and expose the starch they bring inside, while the husk is left whole to help as a natural filter bed.
  • From there it goes on to maceration, in which it is mixed with sea water and macerated at a temperature of 60 and 70C for one hour..
  • After that time, a sweet and viscous liquid called must is obtained, which is extracted and sent to the boiling process, to sterilize, concentrate and flavor.r.
  • Noble hops are also added, which will add clean bitterness and light citrus notes.
  • Later it will go through the heat exchanger, which will cool the must in the fastest way required by the process.
  • The route continues to the fermenter where the yeast is added, which will transform the sugar in the must into alcohol and CO2.
  • It should remain in this container for two to three weeks, where it will finish fermenting and begin its cold maturation, at a temperature of 0C..
  • After this time, the musts have already been transformed into beer and are ready to continue the filtration process, where the yeast is removed and the liquid is made transparent.
  • Next, the beer is transferred to the Cerveza Brillante tank, where the necessary carbon dioxide will be injected to achieve that light and refreshing carbonation.
  • Since it has obtained its body and flavors, the Tulum Beer is packaged and packaged ready to arrive at your home!!

What you should know about the Tulum beer production process

The production process of Tulum Beer does not stop there, did you know that part of our commitment is the responsible use of the elements that intervene in itl?

One is the treatment plant that we have at the Gran Arrecife Maya Brewery.

There the excess liquid is converted into clear and living water, thus avoiding the wastewater disposal.

If you travel to Tulum, you can live this tour and also enjoy the delicious taste of freshly brewed beer, as part of our Beer Tour Experience in Tulum Advanced Cuisine.

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