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Tulum beer is now available on Amazon, order it!

Tulum Beer, artisan lager, made with sea water, without chemicals, pure and alkaline, is now available on Amazon, you can order it from the comfort of your home and enjoy this rich drink that maintains all its nutrients and minerals to take care of your health and also contributes to the cleanliness of the oceans.

Tulum Beer on Amazon

In any place and at any time you are, you can now order your Tulum lager craft beer from Amazon, you can choose a six pack or a twelve pack, but do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the taste of this incomparable beer Made with seawater and especially with seawater from the Mexican Caribbean.

Cerveza Tulum en Amazon

The special ingredient in this beer gives it a delicious flavor, it is also light to drink, has a spectacular aroma, color and texture. Its consumption is sustainable, since, by buying Tulum Beer, you contribute to the cleaning of the oceans through the Gran Arrecife Maya foundation.

Tulum beer committed to the environment

TheTulum beer It is committed to the sustainability of the seas in its production, distribution and marketing processes, as it does not use toxic materials or plastics.

Being a beer that has seawater as its distinguishing ingredient, it is a symbol of respect and appreciation for the Caribbean Sea. It is closely committed to the objectives of the foundation, an important part of the commercialization of Tulum beer is intended to carry out cleaning and awareness actions.

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