Cerveza Tulum, una experiencia única con sabor a mar

Tulum beer, a unique experience with a taste of the sea

We come from the sea, we are water, terrestrial travelers who embrace biodiversity and celebrate our organic essence, now a terrible crisis has interposed in our journey; However, there are unique flavors and smells that will transport your mind to paradise, to the place where we make ourselves with the vegetation, with the sun and with the sea, a place where the breeze envelops us and makes us feel the true flavor of the Caribbean. Mexican.

Tulum's millenary heritage, and its sustainable spirit come to life in our delicious Tulum Lager Craft Beer , made with a magical ingredient: sea water, rich in nutrients and minerals.

We come from the sea and we are Cerveza Tulum

Feel the sea breeze blowing on your face on a sunny day, relive your best family moments on the seashore, moments that will be relived over and over again in your memory as you experience the artisan ingredients of this drink, taking you to a heavenly place. without having to leave home: to the Mexican Caribbean.

Made under strict processes of caring for the environment, using renewable energy and minimizing the generation of waste to be at peace with mother earth; In the manufacture of Tulum beer We strive every day to win the loyalty of our consumers, offering them high quality products and guaranteeing an unforgettable experience with a taste of the sea.

Cerveza Tulum elaborada con agua de mar

That distance is not an impediment to living that trip to the organic essence of the earth and above all to the sea, that special ingredient of Tulum Beer that gives it a light flavor with a unique aroma, color and texture, ideal to make you live all the experience and flavor of the Mexican Caribbean from anywhere in the world.

Tulum Beer contributes to the conservation of our seas and its inhabitants through the Gran Arrecife Maya Foundation , which promotes the cleanliness of the oceans and the care of the reefs.

A unique trip that combines the pleasure of the senses, the connection with nature and the magical ingredient that makes Tulum Beer so special.

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