Cerveza Tulum: La Cerveza Lager #1 en ventas en Amazon México

Cerveza Tulum:The #1 selling Lager Beer on Amazon Mexico

We are excited to share with you one of our first achievements of 2022, thanks to you and all the lovers of our Cerveza Tulum, we have positioned ourselves as the best-selling lager beer in all of Mexico and it does not surprise us since we are an authentic beer, from our principal ingredient; Seawater from Tulum, malt, hops and yeast, ingredients that give our beer a delicious and exquisite flavor. In addition, we are free of chemicals, and its purity and alkalinity means that all the nutrients and minerals that will take care of your health are maintained.

At Cervecería Gran Arrecife Maya we care about the quality of our products, which is why we take care of the smallest detail from the preparation to the decoration of our packaging.

¿Would you like to try our Tulum Beer Then you can find our Tulum Lager Craft Beer in its 12 pack for $480 and 24 pack for $840, both packages with FREE shipping from Amazon Mexico. This light-bodied preparation has a percentage of 4% alcohol in units of 355 milliliters and is ideal for sharing with friends or at work meetings..

And if you are about to celebrate the birthday of a special person and you do not know what to give them, our Tulum Beer is the #1 option in the Lager Beer section with our 12 pack, this means that we are one of the most purchased products for give and you can check this in the list of ideas for gifts from Amazon that is updated daily.

An important feature of Cerveza Tulum that differentiates us from other brands is that by consuming it you will be saving the ocean since a percentage of your purchase will be donated to the Gran Arrecife Maya Foundation.

Do not miss the opportunity to start being part of this great community. If you cannot travel to the Caribbean, the Caribbean will travel to you, because today we are land travelers who embrace biodiversity and celebrate our organic essence. You will find the perfect combination between aroma, color and texture with us.

We come from the sea and we are Cerveza Tulum.

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