Conoce la historia, secretos y beneficios de la cerveza artesanal

Learn about the history, secrets and benefits of craft beer

If you are a beer lover, surely you have become a true connoisseur of craft beers, but if you still do not know everything, here we present its history in Mexico, as well as several myths and of course, its benefits.

Beer history

Beer is a millenary drink, which has been linked since ancient times for therapeutic purposes, (something different in our days). The first historical references, are from 6 thousand years ago, they show that beer was consumed by the Sumerian civilization in order to avoid diseases
infectious that were acquired by drinking unhygienic water.

The French and Germans perfected the original manufacturing technique with methods similar to those of today. Until the twelfth century, with the emergence of the brewing guilds, beer was a dietary supplement for pilgrims and sick people housed in hostels and hospitals.

Craft beer in Mexico

Craft beer in Mexico began to be produced and consumed last century, in just 1995 it began in the center of the country. Today, its taste has spread throughout the Republic and has gained strength in recent years.

¿Why a craft beer?

Due to its production with traditional processes and natural ingredients, which give them greater body, flavor and aroma. For this reason, they cannot be produced by industrialized brewing groups or large-volume producers.

There are 400 microbreweries that exist in Mexico.

Cerveza Tulum Lager Artesanal

Benefits of craft beer

  • Greater diversity in styles and flavors.
  • Ingredients without artificial additives or preservatives.
  • Meticulous quality standards.
  • Support for the local industry.
0.1% of the beer produced in Mexico is artisanal.

Things you didn't know about beer

It is FALSE that dark beer has more alcohol than light beer. The color does not provide the bitterness or alcohol content.

IT IS FALSE that the bitter taste is due to the temperature, the hops are responsible for the bitterness and the flavor as it contains different percentages of alpha acids and essential oils.

It is TRUE that a hop is tasted and not a flavor. This is one of the four natural ingredients in beer and it is what gives it different aromas and flavors.

TRUTH that the glass influences when taking it. Drinking it from the bottle prevents the carbonation from coming out and the aromas from rising properly. Here the most indicated:

  • Jar: Light beers.
  • Plisner Glass: Beers in this category.
  • Pinta: Aromatic beers or more toasted beers.
  • Chalice: Retains flavor and foam.

It is TRUE that exposing beer to light causes a drastic change in flavor. A burnt beer indicates that the UV rays of the light oxidized some compounds in the hops and gave them that bitter, unpleasant taste.e.

TRUTH that there is a beer for each type of dish. As well as wine, there is a suitable beer to highlight the flavors of each dish.

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